Meet Sophia Katerinis

Hi! I’m Sophia Katerinis and I’m here to help you transform your entire experience of life; to help you achieve the outcomes, objectives, results you’ve been searching for.

Welcome to deep transformative coaching. Welcome to miraculous transformation. Welcome home to who you really are, your authentic self, your innate wellbeing, and the infinite resources you already have available within you (which you may not have yet noticed or realised).

I know for a fact that any struggle you’re experiencing can be overcome. I know that it might not feel possible right now, but that’s how I can help: I support you through your transformational experience as you light your path with enthusiasm, I hold your hand as you set a direction for your journey, and congratulate you as you get results, so you can live a fun and fulfilling life full of enthusiasm, fun and love that’s aligned with who you really are. That’s my purpose: to help you live a beautiful, enjoyable, fulfilling life because that’s what we’re all here for. Why wait until later if you can have that now.

I’ve helped many people transform their lives: performing artists find their true voice and overcome anxiety, parents improve their relationships with their children and each other, business owners overachieve their targets, lead engaging and productive teams, and expand their business(es) whilst staying aligned to their purpose, and many more people overcome struggles such as addictions, pain, and suffering.

There is no situation or circumstance that cannot be miraculously transformed.

Clients have honoured me with many titles, such as spiritual teacher, guiding light, life coach, business coach, oracle, mentor, guru, sage, even guardian angel, miracle worker, and psychic healer, but to me it’s not about the titles, to me it’s about the results I have helped them create for themselves which they never thought possible.

What makes transformative coaching different and why work with me?

Because I really care. My clients are pleasantly surprised how much I really care about them.

I will be here with you, supporting you every step of the way; I will hold your hand as you learn to walk, run, fly.

I truly believe we are all one, that we are all love, and that suffering can only be experienced when we think we are separated from love; when we think no one else can or will understand, when we feel scared to ask for help, when we’re terrified of being punished, when we’re frightened of being hated and ostracised, believing we are imposters.

In any experience we feel fear (of separation from love) come up, whether it’s when someone is about to perform on stage or write a book or develop a business plan or lead a team or raise a family or deal with an uncomfortable situation or dilemma, I have seen that in all cases, in all situations and circumstances, regardless of what they are, all of them have been miraculously transformed through transformative coaching that guides us all back home to who we truly are and can never be separated from: LOVE.

 Everything I learn, I share with you, so I continue to expand my understanding across all domains of the cosmos so that I can share them with you. I have acquired several qualifications throughout my life: a degree in Psychology, certifications in coaching, qualifications in Pilates, qualifications in Reiki, and several others. I have also consulted global corporations in business growth for over two decades, and when I’m not coaching or consulting or teaching, I’m running in the mountains as an endurance athlete or creating some sort of artwork (I also have a degree in Fine Arts) or playing violin (I have also studied music theory and performance), sometimes even SCUBA diving (I’m certified in Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diving by PADI); I love to create, to learn, and to have fun. I may not look old enough to have done all this, and that’s part of the results I help create: achieve more than you think is possible, without getting stressed out.

I’d love to have a conversation with you and help you start creating the results you’ve been dreaming about.

Book a discovery call today, my gift to you.

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