Understanding Emotional Eating

Live online group coaching program:

• 4 fortnightly group sessions
(Aug 7 & 21, Sept 4 & 18 @8pm UK time)

• 2x 1to1 coaching sessions
(1 with Sophia & 1 with Hege)

• Supportive Facebook Group

Taught by Transformational & Health + Fitness Coaches:
Sophia Katerinis and Hege Rebecca Lindstrøm

Break old habits
No more diets
Unrestricted Freedom!

I am so much more relaxed around my eating & exercise, doing things because I want to rather than I ‘should’. I feel better & more honouring of where I’m at in life. I’m not obsessing about my eating 😊 I can even not wear my Fitbit😆 without getting hooked into anxiety about my steps. I love this journey. Thank you all of you 💞


United Kingdom