Coaching Options:

How we can work together

Coaching can help you transform your life, your business, your health, your relationships, your spirituality, anything you’d love to transform.

What I have found over the years that has made the biggest significant difference in the lives of my clients, has been their discovery of the deep connection to who they really are and the enriching of their understanding of how our experience of life is being created; that’s what I help them discover and enrich.

Working with me, they feel really listened to, really understood and cared about, that I’m genuinely here for them. I help them realise for themselves who they really are, their innate wellbeing, and the rich resources they already have available within them.

Within our sessions, transformations have occurred that can only be described as miraculous.

I want the same for you, I want you to experience miracles, I want your dreams to come true because I know they can.

A few of the ways we can work together are described below. I also offer custom-designed solutions for your specific needs such as couples/family/group sessions, retreats, and coaching over a longer period of time. Corporate packages including workshops, leadership sessions, and team sessions are also available.

To discuss how we can best work together, schedule a complimentary discovery call, my gift to you, so I can help you start making the miraculous changes you’ve been dreaming of.

Christina Cooper shares her experience of THE AWAKENING INTENSIVE, an incredibly impactful coaching package.