Everything we think, say, and do, is based on associations we have learned.
The gap between those associations and reality is the amount we struggle.
I help you close that gap.

Have you found yourself playing to the beat of someone else’s drum?

Does it feel like you’ve lost your sense of direction?

Do you feel disconnected from life, from family, from work, from yourself?

Are you searching for your purpose?

You’re not alone, everyone experiences this sometimes.

I have helped them and I can help you find what you’ve been looking for all your life, I can help you create what you’ve been dreaming of, I can help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

I’m just one message away; contact me or schedule a call with me and let’s start making your dreams come true.


Christina Cooper shares her experience of THE AWAKENING INTENSIVE, an incredibly impactful coaching package.

As well as being a warm, kind person with an excellent sense of humour, Sophia has a really penetrating intelligence that gets to the heart of any issue that you may feel is holding you back, balanced with wisdom and profound insight into how we all operate. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Crispin Hay, MA, MAACTI

Senior therapist at Allen Carr’s Easyway International

It was truly transformational. I am less self-conscious, more I touch with my potential and able to connect more deeply with people. Life is unfolding for me and I’m trusting the universe more and more. I feel very grateful for who I am, and everything that I have. My coaching business is growing steadily and I am making a big difference to the people that I work with. For the first time for a long time, I feel fully self-expressed and looking forward to the future.

I just want to say how much I enjoyed our session you are a powerful coach and I have no doubt that you are going to make a profound difference in the world. 😊

James Banfield

United Kingdom

The first time I jumped onto a coaching call with Sophia, I was amazed by her!

I shared my emotional pain, she listened intently, asked a few questions then began to speak...

As I listened I recall thinking, ‘she’s been checking out my profile & reading my posts to glean information about me’.

It suddenly struck me that I hadn’t made public (in any capacity) my situation, so was intrigued by her insights & understanding.

Following our session, not only did I have clarity, but to my delight, the person I was in dispute with made contact and resolution was made.

I was ecstatic!

I give Sophia 5* & was astonished by her abilities as a coach! HIGHLY recommended.

Danny Greene

North East England

I am impressed by Sophia’s wisdom and ability to help you perceive any current situation from different perspectives. This really unlocks your understanding, allows you to gain a more objective view of what’s happening in this moment of your life and thus helps you to take well-judged, breakthrough decisions when you are stuck. It allows you to understand the situation with exceptional depth. In my opinion this alone unlocks and solves many problems relating to any issue, whether it’s professional or personal. I have enjoyed her kind, wise approach and feel she has tremendously helped over an extremely short amount of time by making me realise some very basic truths which we often fail to see however obvious they may seem.

Anastasia Tcherepanova

I am so much more relaxed around my eating & exercise, doing things because I want to rather than I ‘should’. I feel better & more honouring of where I’m at in life. I’m not obsessing about my eating 😊 I can even not wear my Fitbit😆 without getting hooked into anxiety about my steps. I love this journey. Thank you 💞


United Kingdom

Working with Sophia was truly insightful and it was in fact probably one of the most impactful coaches I’ve ever worked with. And she just worked with me on a totally different level; she really got me. And she was able to give me, help me to find what I needed to find and help me to see what I needed to see inside myself in order to have some really big shifts. And in those moments, I had some really cool really big insights and she listened with such intent that I just felt she got me. She really got what I was about and the fact that she just had so much knowledge as well around all the subjects that I was interested in, that were part of my life, that also really added to the connection. She understood my musical world and that was really the most powerful thing for me: How much I felt understood by her, and because I felt understood by her, working with her felt effortless. And she really helped to take me to a completely different place to have these amazing, fresh new insights and this incredible new perspective on life. And the way that coaching journey unfolded was so lovely and organic and you know wherever that took us, whether it was out walking in the park or sitting and having a cup of tea. And that just felt like such a natural and genuine process to be a part of, and I don’t think it would have had the same impact if things were set in stone in terms of where we were having the sessions and how the session was conducted as well. So, it was wonderful to have that naturally organic process and that, I think for me really, really helped. And because I’m a creative person, I love being, I love variety and I like to be out and about as well and just being out in nature, meant that I was able to connect with what she was pointing to inside myself and that just really, really enhanced the coaching I had with her. So, I can truly recommend her. Working with Sophia is going to blow your mind.

Christina Cooper, Julliard Alumnus

United Kingdom