Sophia (Koinē Greek: σοφία (sophía), meaning “wisdom”)

Katerinis (Koinē Greek: Αἰκατερίνη (Aikaterinē), from καθαρός (katharos), meaning “pure”)

I develop unique, custom-built solutions to get you results

With 20 years experience working in large global corporations, consulting and coaching Directors, VPs and C-suite executives, you’re in great hands for your professional and personal development.

Bring your Blue-Sky ideas to life with actionable, practical, and feasible solutions. Learn how to notice the underlying patterns steering your company’s and industry’s trajectory.

The key to business success is relationships and communication. Learn how you can effortlessly enhance your soft skills to improve the efficacy and implementation of your business plans.

Managing a large corporation can often feel incredibly stressful. Learn how you can excel in your business whilst improving your mental wellbeing.

Long days and lots of travel can wreak havoc on your health. Learn how tailored exercises specifically designed for you can improve your physical wellbeing.

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